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Used when the script is being used in a pushbutton

Pushbutton scripts are slightly different to normal scripts in that they only exist as part of the pushbutton itself

There are only 2 default functions in a pushbutton script, below is a quick example:

  // This is called when the pushbutton is created
  onInit = function() {
     // Do some init here when the button was created...
     // Variable creation is easy: 
     var someLocalVariable = "moose";
     someGlobalVariable = "fishcake";

   * This function is called when the button is clicked by the user
   * 'pushButton' is an automatically set global variable referencing the source pushButton the user clicked
  onButtonClicked = function() {




     * Used to set the top text part of the pushbutton
     * @param label
    public void setTopText(String label);

     * Used to set the bottom text part of the pushbutton
     * @param label
    public void setBottomText(String text);