Bluetooth Adapters

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This is a list of adapters that Torque has been tested with which work with OBD2 compliant vehicles:

Working adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments OBDLink
Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $149.90(Special offer), $199.90 Normal Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function, Support forums

Reports of good customer support. This is the best adapter if you want the fastest PID read speed.

(It's also the adapter I use myself)

OBDPros website
Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $84.95 + BT option at $74.95 = $159.90 Upgradable firmware

Support Forums

PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetooth
Adapter and cable (adapter cannot be separated from cable) On/off switch, link light $99.99 Support forums
Adapter from China/via ebay/amazon
Single moulded unit Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $20.00 to $60.00 Many units seem to suffer poor build quality and reliability issues. Some units are perfectly fine. Make sure you purchase with a buyer who has a decent returns policy should the unit turn out to be defective. I would recommend avoiding this adapter, *especially* if you intend to use it on a Ford or other vehicle which uses the J1850-PWM protocol

Adapters that are not currently supported

Adapter Form factor Other features Comments
Garmin EcoRoute Moulded plug attached to cable, not detatchable Works with EcoRoute HD navigation, "offline" data storage Non ELM327 compatible. The protocol was discovered, however the adapter proved to be too slow to be of any use.