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Torque pro now supports USB connections (requires Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) or higher

To use USB in Torque, do the following:

Setting up

  • Make sure Torque is quit and not running.
  • Plug the USB adapter into the tablet. A window will pop up asking which app you would like to start for this USB device. Select 'Torque'.
  • Torque will start, go into the OBD settings. Change the connection type to 'Wired(USB)'. Then scroll down the USB settings and select the USB device. It should appear as a number in the list.
  • Quit the torque app


  • Unplug the USB device then re-plug it in. The app will start (select it to start by default from the list when the adapter is connected) and then it should automatically connect to the USB OBD adapter.