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Exporting Video from the Track Recorder Plugin

(Please note the exporter is beta and may contain small bugs)

Encoding is currently done on a Windows / Mac OS X or Linux based PC. To use the encoder please follow the steps outlined below:

Video exporter window

To install

Firstly, you will need to download the 32-bit Java and install it:


Secondly, you will need to download and install this utility: http://www.xuggle.com

the LGPL versions of the installers for which are mirrored here:

OS X Windows


OS X src Windows src

IMPORTANT! Reboot after installing Xuggler or the next step will not work

Lastly, you will need to download the sync agent that retrieves the data from the android phone/tablet and can encode the video (Latest version: V9)

Linux Mac OS X Windows

After installing/downloading, double-click the TorqueSync file and an icon should appear in your task bar / system tray. Right clicking this icon will give you access to the Encoding menu where you can then encode videos

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