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This will be a table containing a list of available displays with links to documentation for that dial (when complete)

Standard Displays

Display Name Description
Acceleration Sensors X Y and Z acceleration sensors
Engine Load Percentage load of the engine
Engine RPM RPM (Revs per minute) of the engine
Fuel Level Percentage of fuel remaining
Intake Manifold Pressure Air intake pressure at manifold
Mass Air Flow Rate Air intake flow rate measured as mass
Throttle Position ECU commanded throttle position (not user commanded)
Timing Advance Degrees advance of engine timing
Trip Distance Distance travelled since start of app/reset
0-100kph Time Performance counter 0-100 Kilometers per hour timer
0-60mph Time Performance counter 0-60 Miles per hour timer
1/4 Mile time Performance counter quarter mile timer
1/8 Mile Time Performance counter one eigth mile timer
Altitude (GPS) Altitude as derived from GPS chipset
Ambient Air Temp Ambient air temparature
Barometric pressure Air pressure as measured by ECU
Engine Coolant Temperature Engine coolant temperature
Fuel Pressure Fuel rail pressure
Fuel Trim bank X sensor X Individual fuel trims
Horsepower Calculated Horsepower
Intake Air Temperature Air temperature measured at air intake
Speed (OBD) Speed as measured from ECU
Speed (GPS) Speed as measured from GPS unit

Displays using extended PIDs

Display Name Description
Knock Retard Supported on most GM vehicles
EHV sensors Supports most prius extended PIDs
Other extended PIDs Supports all extended PIDs, provided you have the information to enter into the app