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Torque has the faility for people to make their own language translations

You can use the file File:Language utf8.txt to use as the basis for your translation - it is based on the most recent version of the app.

The file structure is a simple key=value pair. All you would need to do to translate is to change the last half of that pair, the 'value' side.

So, for a quick example translation, to translate 'Clear Logs' would look something like:

Clearlogs=Clear Logs

In French, this might be:

Clearlogs=Effacer les journaux

The file format (for extended character set support) should be UTF-8.

Try not to put the file through Google Translate, as it will generally 'break' it and make it unusable (google translate will attempt to translate the keys as well as values) and will not pick up on any subtle language nuances.

That's pretty much it, if you are successful, drop me an email to and I'll include it in the app!